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Don Dymer, CEO, SingleSource Services, a founding member of the NAPBS and a member of Concerned CRAs believes after years of careful searching, he has found the assessment tool that works in helping to identify child sexual abusers. It is called the Diana Screen®. A test that to a high scientific degree of accuracy alerts you that this is not a person who should be placed in a position of trust with children and youth. The test meets the goal: “To select the best possible people for staff and volunteer positions and to screen out individuals who have sexually abused youth or are at risk to abuse,” as set by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Don Dymer and SingleSource Services are taking this assessment tool to the background screening industry and is urging them to take it to their clients. “The goal is to make our industry peers aware that this established, yet mainly unknown screen needs to be part of their background screening programs in order to weed out those who pose a sexual threat to children and seek access to them through employment or as volunteers.” Don explains that research tells us that less than one-tenth of 1% of child sexual offenders will have a criminal record of sexual abuse and consequently, strictly relying on finger printing, criminal background checks and drug testing won’t give you the whole story to keep sexual abusers away from children.

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