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A Guide to Criminal Background Checks in Asia Pacific

Learn how an effective criminal screening program can help improve and maintain the quality of new hires.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this White Paper:

  • Overview – What are Criminal Background Checks?
    The key objective of criminal background checks is to aid employers in making informed hiring decisions.
  • Can Employers Obtain Their Candidates’ Criminal Records in Asia?
    Both employers and job applicants should be aware of what information is used in each type of background check, and how such information may be used depending on the relevant laws and legislations.
  • 2 Case Studies: The Cost of Overlooking Criminal Checks
    The first case study highlights a British teacher’s sexual misconduct at an international school in Beijing; the second case study focuses on the reputational damage suffered by a leading Fortune 5000 company in Asia.
  • Key Takeaways: Safeguarding Your Organization with Criminal Checks
    We provide recommendations on how organizations in APAC can prevent common hiring mistakes and safeguard themselves by conducting criminal checks.

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