5 Ways to Prevent Negligent Hiring Claims

With the ever-growing driver shortage looming, many motor carriers are lowering their hiring standards to fill their empty trucks. No company wants to turn down a job because they don’t have drivers to service the account. But while companies to some extent are at the mercy of supply and demand, carriers have to keep the potential for negligent hiring lawsuits top of mind. Negligent hiring is based on the principle that companies have a responsibility to protect their clients and the public from injury at the hands of their employees. Companies can be held liable for property damages, deaths and physical injuries, and other errors caused by their employees within the scope of their employment. If you don’t establish driver hiring standards, you will have a hard time defending your recruiting processes in court if they were ever challenged in a negligent hiring suit. Negligence can be alleged in all aspects of managing your employees: in hiring, retention, and when changing job responsibilities. It is important that you: Do your homework before hiring drivers; Put driver hiring policies in writing; Train drivers for success; Keep your ear to the ground; and Re-evaluate if you change the job duties.

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