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2011 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Employee Screening

The rankings contained within the 2011 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings Employee Screening are based on customer survey data. The indices result from a multi-step process. HRO Today identified the top employee screening providers. Our survey research team then asked providers to identify customers to be surveyed. Using the HRO Today database, we identified other buyers to survey. Each respondent was asked about services provided, scope and scale of services, and the quality and satisfaction with the services. We hope this ranking provides you some insight into your next RFP process. 1. Universal Background Screening 2. FirstPoint Background Screening Resources 3. SecurTest 4. TalentWise 5. EmployeeScreenIQ 6. General Information Services 7. Global HR Research (GHRR) 8. Employment Background Investigations 9. Corporate Screening Services 10. Orange Tree Screening 11. HR Plus 12. Verifications

13. Sterling Infosystems

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