Best Practices for Integrating Background Checks into Your ATS Interactive

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become an essential aspect of the hiring processes, automating a major portion of the recruiting lifecycle and bringing about greater process efficiencies. Integrating a background check solution into your ATS is a logical next step that has shown to shave up to 75% off of customers’ report turnaround times. With some planning, the two systems can – and should – be made to work together, which will result in an ideal state for managing the applicant lifecycle. Despite the benefits of integrating a background screening solution with the ATS, there are several challenges in connecting two inherently different technologies. Fortunately, there are several proven strategies that can help the organization achieve successful integration. Consider the following steps to ensure your company starts on the path to full ATS and background screening integration: Determine the requirements and engage the right stakeholders; Conduct a rigorous evaluation process; Learn about previous integrations; Ensure a positive candidate experience; and Set clear expectations. An effective background screening solution is essential to ensuring the company hires the right people, while maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Yet, if such a solution cannot be integrated seamlessly with the ATS, there are likely to be numerous headaches and inefficiencies during the hiring processes and throughout the entire talent lifecycle. Ensuring that any potential partner – on both the ATS and background screening solutions sides – has the experience and capability to deliver a seamless integration is crucial.

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