What is the Hope of Work for People Living with Criminal Records?

Teresa Hodge, co-founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation at R3 Score Technologies, believes that those convicted of a crime deserve a second chance. But the application question regarding past convictions prevents that from happening, making it impossible for potential employers to consider qualifications, education, and work experience. These individuals are unable to re-enter society, support their families, find a home or start to live a normal life. And without that opportunity, 76 percent of people who go to prison will return within five years. In fact, according to Michelle Natividad Rodriguez and Maurice Emsellem in “Need Not Apply: The Case for Reforming Criminal Background Checks for Employment,” not considering people with a criminal record for a job opportunity actually creates a bigger public safety concern. Communities have a role to play in creating a more supportive environment. Steps include: using different language when referring to those with past convictions, opening up discussions, employing ex-convicts and giving all applicants a fair chance.


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