USCIS Provides Form I-9 Mockups to Illustrate Temporary COVID-19 Policies

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently updated its guidance on how to annotate the Form I-9 when remotely inspecting employment authorization and identity documents and performing the required physical inspection at a later date. A series of Form I-9 mockups have been provided, as well as examples of how to annotate the form when a new hire employee presents an expired driver’s license or state ID that may be accepted under DHS’ COVID-19 temporary policies. Example scenarios include: completing section 2 when inspecting documents remotely, performing physical inspection once normal operations resume, notating remote and physical inspection for reverification, entering a List B document extended by an issuing authority in Section 2, and entering an expired List B document in Section 2 when NOT extended by an issuing authority.


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