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USCIS Is Considering Some Bold Changes

In the past few years, directives from the government have expanded enforcement of I-9 related regulations on U.S. employers. U.S. organizations are increasingly finding it necessary to ally with experts knowledgeable in handling employment eligibility and compliance issues. Improper management, and worst yet, unwitting reliance on non-complaints software systems, can expose a publicly traded organization to unnecessary risks, including shareholder lawsuits and further review by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). In the past decade, the SEC’s total enforcement activities have steadily increased 122%. In addition, USCIS is in the process of considering some bold changes to the Form I-9 by expanding this form to two, fillable pages and ICE is making an effort to expand E-Verify through the IMAGE program. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Office of Special Counsel is helping employers by educating them on what not to do in certain employment instances and by regularly issuing advisory letters as well as webinars.

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