USCIS Introduces Social Security Number Locking Feature in E-Verify

USCIS has announced that the E-Verify System will now be able to incorporate a security feature where a social security number that appears to have been misused will now be “locked” in the system, similar to what credit card companies currently do for clients. The locking mechanism is triggered by a combination of complex algorithms, detection reports and other identification patterns built into the system. “The new enhancements will not catch 100% of all instances of identity theft,” said Josie Gonzalez, Partner at Stone Grzegorek and Gonzalez, LLP. “No system is perfect. However, the new enhancements will go a long way to combat identity theft while offering protections for the victims of identity theft.” For workers who have triggered the lock on the social security number used, they will receive a tentative non-confirmation (TNC), which will require them to take affirmative action to resolve the matter by visiting a social security office and prove their identity before being allowed to work. On paper, the security enhancement is certainly a positive step forward to thwarting fraudulent use of documents and preventing identity theft. Assuming this enhancement in the system works according to plan, then would-be identity thieves will be ineligible to work.

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