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Three Important Updates to E-Verify All Employers Should Know

There are three top latest developments that will ultimately (and significantly) affect employers. 1. USCIS is monitoring your E-Verify usage: Part of the enrollment process for E-Verify requires entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with USCIS that includes allowing USCIS to monitor an employer’s E-Verify usage. USCIS is indeed monitoring employer E-Verify usage to “detect, deter, and reduce misuse, abuse, and fraud.” In the event any misuse, abuse or fraud is detected, USCIS will not issue fines but will refer employers to the appropriate enforcement agencies for further investigation. 2. Heavier burdens directed at employers, including mandatory E-Verify (or some version of it) on immigration reform: The real debate remains how Congress would alter the existing E-Verify program, if at all, or fold the program (as-is) into a mandatory provision of immigration reform. 3. Alternatives to mandatory E-Verify? Opponents of E-Verify, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who is concerned about the 1% error rate, questions whether the government should be standing in the way of an (authorized) worker and their new job and proposes the enforcement of labor laws instead.

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