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The Nitty Gritty of Preparing for an I-9 Audit

The I-9 Compliance Strategy requires thoughtful planning. The strategy should include 1) goals for the organization, 2) an assignment of time and budgetary resources and 3) an executable list of steps that occur before, during and after an I-9 audit (whether the audit has been conducted by an internal expert, an external expert, or the government). Identifying all key team members in the I-9 process is critical to ensuring a successful and compliant strategy. This includes top-level executives as well as individuals who manage daily I-9 activities. It is also important to create a timeline in which to plan, execute and maintain an I-9 compliance strategy. Creating a firm timeline with deadlines allows an organization to move forward and accomplish more. If you want more specific guidance on executable tips and plans from legal experts, you can register for the I-9 Audit 101: A Three-Part Webinar Series to learn more.

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