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Status of Euclid University

On May 23, 2011, Accredibase received a letter from Euclid University complaining that “erroneous information” concerning Euclid had been included in its database and that they were incorrectly listed as “unaccredited.” In response, Accredibase launched a lengthy and in-depth investigation into Euclid’s recognition status and contacted relevant government agencies from around the world where Euclid claims to operate from. During this time Accredibase received several more communications from Euclid, presenting various documents and urging Accredibase to update their status. After seven months of research, Accredibase has decided to maintain its original listing of Euclid University as an “unaccredited institution.” Accredibase has also chosen to make available to the public the various documents, which Euclid University provided in their correspondences.

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