SSMI Effective in Screening Background of Candidates

Backgrounds of candidates will be reviewed and cross-checked with other departments before they can be hired into the civil service. The checking would be done through an information system that has been implemented by the Public Services Commission (PSC). Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun, said the individual review information system (SSMI), was an effective and good system to screen the background of candidates. The information system was tested via a proof of concept. A total of 2,384 candidates were screened and only two candidates were found to be problematic. Joseph lauded the system as it would enable the commission to conduct background checks on applicants in case they hold criminal records, if they are not a valid Malaysian citizen, or if they have been declared bankrupt by the Insolvency Department. “It is a collaborative effort and a total of 31 agencies will be using the new system,” he said. Joseph added that the timeframe to obtain the results from the screening were one day for both NRD and the Insolvency Department, and five to six days for the Chief Government Security Office.

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