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Reviewing The Data Protection Act in Zimbabwe – Part 1

On December 3, 2021, Zimbabwe’s Data Protection Act was gazetted and went into effect on the same day. The legislation is required in a fast-changing business environment where client information has become gold. The Data Protection Act deals with how data is collected, stored, and transmitted with section 4 of the Act making it applicable to all persons who deal with data relating to person within Zimbabwe, which includes foreign entities operating in Zimbabwe that will be required to appoint a local representative to administer the Act. What are the details of Section 3 of the Act, which defines Data as “means any representation of facts, concepts, information, whether in text, audio, video, images, machine-readable code or instructions, in a form suitable for communications, interpretation or processing in a computer device, computer system, database, electronic communications network or related devices and includes a computer program and traffic data”?


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