The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) has issued a consultation paper on Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Bill. The Data Protection Bill concerns the regulation of the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and security of personal data. The proposed introduction of a DP regime in Singapore seeks to create a balance between the need to protect individuals’ personal data against organisations’ need to obtain and process such data for legitimate and reasonable purposes. It seeks to protect the interests of consumers and deliver economic benefits for Singapore. The proposed Data Protection regime seeks to safeguard individuals’ personal data against misuse, at a time when such data has become increasingly valuable for businesses and more easily collected and processed with information technology. The legislation will also provide for a Commission, referred to in this paper as the Data Protection Commission (“DPC”), to be set up to oversee compliance with the new Data Protection law and to undertake DP education and awareness efforts. It is believed that this legislation will strengthen and entrench Singapore’s position as a trusted hub for businesses, a key national economic strategy for Singapore. MICA will accept written comments on the paper until 30 April.

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