Michigan’s Clean Slate Law Effective April 11, 2021

A new “Clean Slate” law has been passed in Michigan that states that certain misdemeanor and felony conviction records in the state will be “set aside” or automatically expunged and will not require an application for expungement. Effective April 11, 2021, the automatic expungement requirement will not begin until two years after the effective date of the law. Under the new law, certain convictions that have been automatically expunged can be reinstated; applicants who have had their convictions automatically expunged under the new law can state that they have not been previously convicted, except applicants with offenses related to the sex offenders registration act; and a conviction and any records related to the conviction that has been set aside under the law cannot be used as evidence in an action for negligent hiring.


Source: https://fadv.com/blog


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