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Maine and Cincinnati now prohibit employers from making salary history inquiries of potential employees. In Maine, “An Act Regarding Pay Equality” prohibits employers from using, inquiring about or confirming an applicant’s compensation history until after an offer of employment has been negotiated and made, and the offer must include all terms of compensation. Although some exceptions do apply, Maine’s new law includes a wage transparency provision that bars employers from prohibiting employees from discussing their wages, or wages of their co-workers. For those employers in Cincinnati with 15 or more employees, the Ordinance prohibits employers from asking for information about an applicant’s current or prior wages, benefits or other compensation; screening applicants based on their current or prior wages, benefits, other compensation, or salary histories; relying on an applicant’s salary history when deciding whether to make an offer of employment or determining the amount of salary, benefits or other compensation during the hiring process; or refusing to hire or retaliating against applicants for not disclosing their salary to the employer.

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