Judge Fines Company $173,250 After ICE Audit

Ketchikan Drywall Services (KDS), a drywall and framing company in Washington, was found to have committed 225 separate I-9 violations and fined $173,250 by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a Notice of Intent to fine, alleging 271 Form I-9 violations and seeking a fine of $286,000. The case went before the Office of the Chief Administrative Law Hearing Officer (OCAHO) and addressed over 250 alleged violations, including whether employees were recalled from layoff or rehired; whether information in supporting documentation is sufficient when the I-9 has none of that information; whether late production of a lawful permanent resident (LPR) card alleviates a substantive violation for no status box checked, etc. KDS’s undisputed violations included failure to sign the I-9s, failure to list any or all the necessary information in List A, B, or C, and acceptance of improper documentation.

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