How Much is a FCRA Violation Going to Cost You? Possibly $29 a Head

The plaintiff in Esomonu v. Omnicare, Inc. filed a class-action lawsuit of 45,000 members in May 2015, alleging that the employer violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by 1. Embedding extraneous information in the FCRA disclosures, 2. Failing to alert her that she could request a summary of her rights under FCRA and 3. Unlawfully obtaining credit and background reports of the plaintiff and other employees. The court denied an initial preliminary motion to approve a class action settlement in June 2016, stating that the financial award of $10,000 for the plaintiff was disproportionate to the monies the other class members would receive and would not be disclosed to the other class members. In the end, the parties reached an agreement on a different settlement of about $29 per person.


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