Florida Governor Signs New E-Verify Law for Employers

On June 30, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a state mandate that requires public employers and some private employers to use E-Verify to confirm employee work eligibility. Although the requirements of the new law vary depending on whether the employer is a public or private employer, public employers in the state of Florida, along with private contractors and subcontractors, must register with and use E-Verify to confirm the work eligibility of their new hires. In addition, no public contract can be entered into unless each party to the contract registers and uses E-Verify. Private employers are not required to use E-Verify under the new law unless they have a contract with a public employer or they apply for taxpayer-funded incentives through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, however, those who don’t use E-Verify must maintain copies of the documentation that the employee presented to complete the Form I-9 for three years from the employee’s start date.


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