Many employers and state licensing boards depend on state criminal record repositories as a primary resource when performing a criminal record background check. What these entities do not realize is that a search of the state criminal record database may not be as accurate as assumed. There are three key reasons why the completeness, consistency, and accuracy of state criminal record repositories could be suspect-

1. Inability to Match Dispositions with Arrest Records

2. Timeliness of Receiving Arrest and Disposition Data

3. Timeliness of Entering Arrest and Disposition Data into the Repository

The basis for this concern is supported by facts contained in a Study released in November 2011 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice1. Consider the following findings from this Study- 9 states reported that 25% or more of all dispositions received could NOT be linked to the arrest/charge information in the state criminal record database. A total of 1,753,623 unprocessed or partially processed court disposition forms were reported by 18 states.

27 states reported a significant backlog for entering court disposition data into the criminal history database

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