Driving History as a Private Investigation Tool

Uncovering the driving history of an individual can be a difficult process if a private investigator doesn’t know about the right places to look and steps to take. It is often believed that a state’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) possesses and reports the complete driving record of anyone who is licensed or has a registered vehicle in the state, but that’s not often the case. The way in which driving records are updated is another hurdle in obtaining a complete record from the MVD. The first step in compiling an accurate record of a person’s driving history is to confirm the identity of the person being researched, which could be supplemented by proprietary database research, where an individual’s driver’s license number also could be provided. Once logged in, a criminal records search and address report can be run. After this step is completed, it is time to submit a request to the MVD offices in all states where the individual has resided, followed by researching court records. The final step involves researching records maintained by every law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over where the target has lived.


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