Data Protection Officer Role Will Be Key If You Operate in the E.U.

According to Patrick Clawson, a veteran of the security industry, the European Union is considering sweeping new data protection laws that would mandate many organizations in Europe formally appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). To get ahead of the potential high demand for qualified candidates, organizations should consider defining their needs now.The new data protection laws have yet to take final shape, and most sources agree they won’t be implemented any sooner than 2014. But Clawson says that shouldn’t stop organizations from beginning their planning now. He suggests two steps organizations that do business in the E.U. can take right now to prepare.

“You’ve got to be watching what’s echoing through the chambers in the E.U. and what you’re hearing about possible changes in legislation,” he says. “And you should begin looking at the strongest examples of data protection laws that currently exist within the E.U., like Germany and France, and try to measure yourself against those. I can’t imagine it gets much worse than that.”

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