Credentialing Documentation Checklist to Avoid Negligence

According to Hugh Greeley, author of Hugh’s Credentialing Digest, defense costs for negligent credentialing litigation add up quickly and settlements to avoid a costly trial are common. Unfortunately, hospital executives and healthcare leaders often don’t take the time to focus on the internal workings of the organization’s credentialing program. When conducting a credentialing documentation audit, a few questions to consider include: Do bylaws and related documents clearly describe your individual process and not simply mimic requirements? Are all applications, privilege request forms, and related documents clearly dated? Is there evidence that all forms are completely filled out? Is documentation regarding an applicant’s or reapplicant’s history complete, logically organized, and with all verifications dated? Is there a clear linkage between privileges granted and the specific basis for such grants? Are all questions concerning the applicant or reapplicant clearly identified and resolved? Is there evidence and documentation that you have identified credentials flags and that these flags have been addressed by relevant leaders during the review process?


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