Council of Europe Promotes Personal Data Protection in Latin America

The Council of Europe is promoting international co-operation in the field of personal data protection, in particular by encouraging non member states to ratify the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, also known as Convention 108. Uruguay has initiated the ratification process and therefore may become the first non-Council of Europe member state to do so. Council of Europe’s Jörg Polakiewicz said, “The eventual accession of Uruguay will be a key step towards the global promotion of the convention and intergovernmental cooperation on personal data protection,” adding, “We are sure, hopefully, that Uruguay will be the first of many non-European countries to join the treaty.” This convention is the first binding international treaty which protects individuals against abuses which may accompany the collection and processing of personal data. Created in 1981, it remains the only legally binding standard which has the potential to be applied worldwide, providing legal certainty and predictability in international relations and open for signature by any country.

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