Congress Loves E-Verify: Grants $111 Million Funding, Conducts Research Study

Last month, both houses of Congress agreed to grant USCIS an additional $111 million dollars to fund the E-Verify Program. H.R. 933 is currently enrolled in the House of Representatives and has yet to be signed off by the President. To be fair, the E-Verify Program isn’t the only program receiving funding. H.R. 933 would grant Customs and Border Protection an additional $324 million to fund border security fencing, border security infrastructure, and technology. With the influx in funding for the E-Verify Program and “border” security of our nation (both the interior and borders), Congress is getting serious about immigration reform. It’s also making good on its promise to “get tough” on immigration violators. A Congressional report recently issued detailed the historical development of E-Verify and its impact on businesses if the program were to be nationally mandated. The report was well-written but unremarkable in its objections to the E-Verify Program, paving the way for Congress to adopt the program on a nationwide scale.

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