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Who Develops Your Employee Screening Policy?

It is important to have the entire company aligned with the employee screening policy, rather than just one department. Comprehensive screening policies should contain clear and consistent guidelines and procedures; compliance with laws; relevant background checks, and consistent procedures for reference and background checks.


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National Recreation and Park Association Recommended Guidelines for Credentialing Volunteers Background Screening Practices

The National Recreation and Park Association has reviewed the resources of the Professional Background Screening Association, formerly the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, and sought the counsel of recognized background screening experts to develop a set of Recommended Guidelines for Volunteer Background Screening in park and recreation settings. The goal of these recommendations is […]

Essential Considerations for Any Background Screening Programme

One in five companies that perform background checks do not have an official background screening policy, according to Sterling’s UK Background Screening Trends & Practices 2018 Report. The policy helps maintain transparency with both candidates and employees and ensures that all candidates are handled in a consistent manner. Employers should keep the following in mind: […]


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