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Background Checks in the Gig Economy Era

Although the gig economy offers benefits for both employers and workers, it is important to consider the importance of background screening to ensure the safety and quality of the workforce. The screening process should include driving record screenings, criminal background checks, social media screening, and drug screening. Specifically, the role of background checks in the […]

Screening Your Contingent Workforce

Although the vast majority of companies perform employment background checks on their employees, most do not include contingent staff. More and more employers are including contractors in screening in an effort to manage risk. Consistency is the key to any screening process and employers should apply the same process to temporary workers as they do […]

Screening Worker: Red Flags Big-Box Retailers Can Spot When Hiring Subcontractors

Subcontracting is a common practice for retain chains but doing so can create significant liability for companies that do not take the proper steps to background check their tradespeople. A few red flags when hiring subcontractors include a lack of references or samples of work, no proof of insurance, a price that is too good […]

Man Accused of Indecent Exposure Facing Additional Charges in Forsyth Co.

A former contracted employee of the Winston-Salem/Forsynth County Schools system is facing charges after he was arrested on indecent exposure charges. The contracted employee was employed by Supreme Maintenance Organization (SMO), a contracted maintenance service. A gap in their internal background checking process put this individual in a position that was not safe for students. […]

Why Gig Platforms Need Modern Background Screening Tech To Excel in 2022

Over the last few years, the Gig economy, which offers digital platforms to connect customers with freelancers for short-term services, has been growing in importance. As we head into 2022, Gig has grown as an industry, but what business challenges have grown alongside it? While Trust and Safety teams focus on onboarding people quickly, they […]

How Often Should You Run Continuous Background Checks on Your Contractor and Vendor Network?

It is important to rescreen contractors throughout their time with the company because behaviors and information can quickly change after an individual is brought into an organization for work. This rescreen cycle typically takes place every two years. According to data across varying U.S. service provider networks in differing industries, less than 10 percent of […]

Best Practices You Should Be Following for Contractor Background Check Program

The background screening process should be completed for both employers and contractors, but the focus with most service contract relationships should be on risk mitigation and ensuring no contractor will do operational or reputational damage. Identity verification is a key component to the process. Best practices for managing a contractor background check program include: properly […]

How to De-Risk Hiring in the Gig/Sharing Economy

Although the gig or sharing economy has continued to grow in popularity since the start of the pandemic, there are always risks associated with hiring independent contractors, including the costs of making the wrong hire and reputational damage when the person doesn’t perform as promised. There is also a risk to customers and the business […]

Does PRO Act Change Contingent Workforce Screening?

The United States House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act) in March, changing the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, as well as other laws that impact workers’ rights to organize. Freelancers, or self-employed contractors and gig workers who take on projects, are divided over the bill’s inclusion of […]

Contingent Workforce Trends in an (Almost) Post-Pandemic World

According to Pew Research, 25 percent of adults in the United States reported that they or someone in their household lost a job and 32 percent reported a reduction in hours or pay due to the pandemic. On the other hand, grocery stores, online retailers and quick-service restaurants rapidly expanded hiring. In addition, many companies […]


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