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Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook

In April DLA Piper published the first edition of the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook 2011/2012 (“the Handbook”). The Handbook offers a high-level snapshot of selected features of national laws as they currently stand in 58 jurisdictions across the world. It is intended to provide a quick overview of features of data protection […]

Privacy in the Global Village

In the ever-changing world of privacy and data protection, global diversity is proven every day by fascinating developments taking place in every corner of the planet. At the same time, a common pattern can be seen in many of those developments: their attempt to strike the right balance between the exploitation and the protection of […]

Canadian, German Data Protection Watchdogs Join Forces

The German and Canadian data protection commissioners have signed an agreement that aims to ensure people’s digital privacy will be better protected if data travels across borders via the Web. International cooperation could help put companies like Facebook and Google on a privacy leash.Both countries will inform each other about important events and complaints and […]

Francophone Regulators to Adopt BCR-style Framework in 2013

During their 6th Annual Meeting, the Association of Francophone Data Protection Authorities (AFAPDP) considered proposals for a framework for international data transfers between French-speaking nations. Members have requested additional time to assess the proposals, therefore adoption is postponed and should occur no later than at the next annual meeting or by the end of 2013. […]

APEC and EU Bodies Discuss Regional Interoperability

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) announced that Mexico has become the second formal participant of the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System. APEC economic leaders first endorsed the CBPR in November 2011 with the aim to promote region-wide privacy policy compatibility, ensure consumer protection, and lower regulatory compliance costs. Mexico’s participation follows the U.S., […]

Increased Cooperation Between EU and APEC on Cross-Border Data Transfer Rules

A joint EU-APEC committee, which includes the French and German data protection authorities as well as the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission, has been studying similarities and differences between the EU’s binding corporate rules (“BCRs”) framework and APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules. The committee’s goal is to facilitate data protection compliance in this […]

If You’re a Global Employer, You Need Global Employee Data Policies

If your company employs any international employees, it may have obligations under foreign laws to have specific safeguards in place. Failure to observe a jurisdiction’s data protection laws can result in staff penalties and unwelcome press coverage. Although the European Union is leading the way with a proposed comprehensive new data protection law, other countries […]

A New Handy Guide to Global DPAs

DLA Piper has attacked the problem of surveying the world’s data protection laws and regulations with a handy online and interactive guidebook for which they’ve released version 2.0 just in time for Data Privacy Day. It begins with a map of the world, with countries colored to indicate the strength of their privacy laws (red=heavy […]

How to Implement a Cross-Border Human Resources Policy

In this era of internationally aligned business operations, multinational headquarters launch many different types of cross-border human resources policies. While drafting a cross-border human resources policy may be a challenge, legally implementing a global policy across multiple jurisdictions is an even bigger undertaking. Six legal issues should be considered when implementing a headquarters-driven HR policy […]

Looking for Trouble

One of the issues in policy making these days is whether employers can or should reference-check candidates by accessing their social media profiles – commonly LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Most of the debate focuses on the legal issues, yet the fundamentals of why we conduct references and whether using social media in a hiring decision […]


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