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Mitigating screening bias on underserved communities: Key takeaways from a Neeyamo ‘Rise Above’ 2020 panel discussion

As communities across the country have been enmeshed in public demonstrations focused on social
justice and equality, the issue of racial bias in in the criminal justice system is especially germane. Both
the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and Society of Human Resource
Management (SHRM) have reported that over 96% of U.S. companies conduct criminal […]

Wake Up Call for the Background Screening Industry

Several weeks ago the article, How criminal background checks lead to discrimination against millions of Americans,’ by Sarah Lageson was published in Washington Post and it caused a bit of an uproar in the background screening community. Several prominent members of the industry posted comments very critical of the article choosing to focus on the […]

The National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) Could Deliver a Fatal Blow to the U.S. Background Screening Industry

If you read the February edition of The Background Buzz (see you likely saw the article, The Way Forward for Federal Background Investigations which discusses the U.S. Federal Government’s announcement of a series of changes to modernize and strengthen the way that background investigations are conducted for Federal employees and contractors and protect sensitive data.

Don’t Let Resume Lies Get Your Company in Legal Trouble

Data reported by background screening companies have consistently shown that 30 to 50percent of job applicants misrepresent themselves and/or outright lie on their resume. While there is universal agreement that applicants falsifying their resume is problematic the fact is that it is not illegal. However, hiring a person based on what is presented in their resume can lead an employer down the path to some very hot legal waters.


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