Bill That Keeps DOBs on Public Records Passes the Michigan House

A bill that would protect hiring, housing placements and public safety is making its way through the Michigan legislature. The bill, HB 5368 was passed on Nov. 3  in the Michigan House of Representatives and its purpose is to prohibit the redaction of dates of birth from public records.

Under a new rule, Michigan courts are to remove dates of birth from public records beginning Jan. 1 and the bill aims to keep them on the record.

To urge passage of the bill, the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) issued this statement, “By redacting dates of birth (DOBs) from court records, the rule is effectively eliminating the ability of professional background screeners to conduct background checks in the state. If this issue is not addressed, many employers will be forced to halt hiring altogether or look outside of Michigan to fill open positions, and Michigan communities will be less safe.”

Twelve groups representing employers, landlords, and the economic interests of the state have expressed their strong support for this bill, per PBSA.

The bill now advances to the Republican-controlled Michigan Senate for consideration.

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