After Prison: The Invisible Life Sentence

For millions of ex-criminals, life on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean freedom. It is believed that the stigma associated with those living with a criminal record is shaped by three core factors: The focus on recidivism rates, incarceration statistics that illuminate racial disparity, and print and broadcast news that feeds the image of criminals. There are roadblocks around every corner for those with a criminal past, including the inability to be considered for work due to company policy. Before an applicant can even be considered, he or she is often eliminated because of the applicant question regarding a criminal conviction, which is effectively used as a way to screen and eliminate ex-prisoners from the application process. Doing so, however, creates a bigger problem, causing ex-convicts to turn to a life of crime to survive, rather than find employment. There also exists an occupational license block and a digital divide that further complicates the situation.


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