Trend Analysis Report 2013

AuthBridge publishes its first Annual Trend Analysis Report 2013 after eight years of screening experience for over 500 clients. Trends are illustrative and indicative of how the industry and the ‘employee’ have been responding to the process and to the results of employee background screening. Some patterns are expected and some unexpected; both, however, guide the industry to modify their policies and processes to ensure screening meets its end objective; the objective of having a safe and genuine work-force.

AuthBridge’s Annual Trend Analysis Report 2013 clearly displays some expected patterns with the kind of discrepancies a check typically has and the checks which are more discrepant. Some unexpected pattern is evident in the region-wise or age-wise discrepancy. Evidently, sectors with more stringent practices around hiring and screening have shown a decline in their discrepancies. These sectors could lead the others in setting the standards so that the future sees a discrepancy percentage which is in single digits.

Below are few highlights from the Annual Trend Analysis Report


• Overall discrepancy has shown a consistent trend of around 18-22% across 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13. Therefore, atleast 18 out of 100 candidates at any instance are discrepant cases.

• The three of the ten analysed industry sectors which have had least contribution in the overall discrepancy over the three fiscals are Strategy / Management Consulting; BPO / ITES and Banking / Financial Services / Broking. Incidentally, these three are also among the first sectors which background check practices religiously.

• Discrepancy on account of employment check has emerged at the top across all industries. Incorrect employment tenure has the maximum contribution towards employment discrepancy.

Putting this together has been a great learning experience for the AuthBridge team and team will ascertain that future reports are even more informative and illustrative. Your feedback and insights will help us develop this report to be a key input in your hiring and screening policy finalization. AuthBridge aims to be able to publish a predictive trend report in the coming years with your collaboration.


To download a copy of the Annual Trend Analysis Report 2013 click here