Fair Chance’ Housing Ordinance in Jackson Would Offer Bar Discrimination Based on Criminal History 

February | Michigan: An ordinance has been introduced that would give people who have served their time a fair chance at safe housing. 


Five Things You Should Know About Tenant Screening 

March | National: The process of screening candidates for leasing an apartment is regulated by state, local and federal laws. 


Tenant Screening Software Faces National Reckoning 

March | National: Thousands of people are said to be mistakenly flagged by tenant screening software and many companies are withdrawing from the business due to FCRA lawsuits. 


Illinois House Passes Bills to Protect Renters, Homeowners; and Advance Health Equality 

March | Illinois: The COVID-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act addressees the unprecedented economic instability for renters, homeowners, and landlords. 


After Losing in Court, St. Paul Poised to Repeal Tenant Protections 

June | Minnesota: Council members are planning to craft a scaled-back version of the tenant protection ordinance that limits a landlord’s ability to screen tenants. 


Landlords Barred from Using Criminal Records to Deny Housing 

June | New Jersey: A new bill bans landlords from asking about criminal convictions on housing applications. 


The New Tenant Data Privacy Act 

June | New York: The Tenant Data Privacy Act (TDPA) will regulate the collection, use, safeguarding, and retention of tenant data by owners of “smart access” residential buildings.


Philly City Council Approves Making Tenant Screening More Transparent and Helping Renters with Past Evictions 

June | Philadelphia: The city of Philadelphia will prohibit landlords from adopting policies that deny potential tenants solely because of low credit scores and past evictions or eviction filings. 


Aiming to ‘Protect Renters,” Philly Council Limits Landlords’ Use of Eviction Records 

June | Philadelphia: The Renters’ Access Act aims to prohibit landlords from denying housing based solely on eviction records and require them to provide details to denied tenants. 


CFCB Issues Bulletin on Rental Screening and Issues of Concern

July | National: A FCRA Tenant Screening Enforcement Compliance Bulletin outlines the CFPB’s enforcement focus as the country transitions to a post-pandemic rental market. 


CFCB Warns Credit Reporting Agencies on Eviction Data Accuracy 

July | The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFCB) is reminding CRAs of the importance of accurately reporting information regarding consumer rentals and evictions. 


In Another Win for Renter Protections, Federal Judge Upholds Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Law 

July| Washington: A federal judge has upheld Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Law to bar landlords from denying housing to applicants or taking actions against tenants because of a criminal history. 


Updates to NYC Fair Chance Act Expand Protections for Applicants, Current Employees, Independent Contractors 

August | New York: Revisions to the New York City Fair Chance Act will impose new requirements on employers who evaluate criminal history information when making employment decisions. 


Rhode Island Enacts Comprehensive Pay Equity Law 

August | Rhode Island: A sweeping pay equity statute seeks to “combat wage discrimination” by “strengthening and closing gaps in existing wage discrimination laws.” 


Bill That Keeps DOBs on Public Records Passes the Michigan House 

November | Michigan: A bill that would protect hiring, housing placements and public safety is making its way through the Michigan legislature. 


Bill Would Reform Tenant Screening Reports in PA 

December | Pennsylvania: The proposed Fair Records for Renters legislation would permanently seal eviction records and only allow them to become public if the eviction case is won by the landlord.


Government Obtains Settlement for Injunctive Relief and Millions in Consumer Redress from MyLife.com and CEO Jeffrey Tinsley

December | California: MyLife.com has been accused of violating the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act. 


CDIA & PBSA Amicus Brief Advocates Landlords’ First Amendment Right to Conduct Criminal Background Checks 

December | National: The CDIA and PBSA have submitted an amicus brief in support of landlords’ First Amendment right to conduct criminal record background checks.