The 12 Best Applicant Tracking Systems 

April | National: Applicant tracking systems (ATS) allow businesses to standardize the recruitment process, but it is important to understand what each system may offer. 


Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems Software Vendors and Market Forecast 2019-2024

May | National: The top 10 HCM software vendors in the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) application market segment in 2019 accounted for about 59.2% of the global ATS market. 


The Evolution of Technology & the Background Screening Industry

May | National: The background screening industry has changed since the first negligent hiring case in 1908, as technology has continued to evolve and legislation (FCRA & GDPR) has been passed. 


Blockchain Simplified. What Is It? How Can It Benefit You? 

July | National: Blockchain is fairly common, but many people still don’t know what it is, how it works and how it can be beneficial. 


What is the Internet of Careers? 

November | National: Velocity Network Foundation’s Internet of Careers makes career records verifiable and trusted, self-sovereign, private, secured, and cost-effective, above other benefits.


QJumpers Named ‘Most Innovative Recruitment Software Provider’ in the 2021 Software and Technology Awards 

November | New Zealand: QJumpers has been named “Most Innovative Recruitment Software Provider – USA” in the 2021 New World Report Software and Technology Awards. 


The Evolution of Applicant Tracking Systems and Expert ATS Software Predictions for 2022

November | National: Nearly 75% of recruiters use an ATS, which have evolved from a tool to process and store resumes into a tool for resume parsing, job board posting and even digital onboarding.