Shane Long, CEO, deverus

shanelong2We invite you to sit back, relax, and join us for a great interview with: Shane Long, CEO, deverus

Before joining the background screening industry Shane, who has an engineering background, worked on SaaS in supply chain management and digital media distribution. He joined deverus because he not only saw an immediate connection with his my previous SaaS experiences, but also saw an opportunity to join a firm that was experiencing phenomenal growth.

Shane commented that what he enjoys most about the background screening industry is the personal nature of the entire process. “Our customers are doing this because they have a passion for making the workplace a better, safer place and know that the work they are doing is important,” said Shane. “There is a certain responsibility and special partnership that exists between deverus, our partners, and the final end-customers (corporations) to
protect their employees.”

He stated that the mission and vision of deverus is to play a crucial role in setting business processes and technology standards for the Background Check Industry. He further added that their focus is on being the most trusted resource of companies around the world – providing the right resources and strategies for diversification, competitiveness, and growth.

“We provide our partners the most powerful, intuitive, and flexible Background Screening Software solution in the industry with Verocity and deverus will continue to support companies of all sizes and industries.” However, he noted that his primary focus going forward is providing their partners with the tools to provide services for the Fortune 5000. “For example, we have more ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) integrations than any other software provider. With our unique Hubworks architecture, we can bring up a new integration with a company with 10,000+ employees in days, not months. Recently, Oracle has partnered with us and we are proud to announce we are part of the worldwide Oracle Partner Network.”

“The deverus Infrastructure is something that we have invested in heavily within the last year to provide the industries most reliable, secure, and highest performance system. Our SaaS+ Enterprise Architecture is comprised of the very latest enterprise Blade Servers, a high-performance Storage Area Network, the industries fastest data networking gear in our ISO-9001 colocation in Austin, and is mirrored and backed up by one of the most complete and established cloud computing providers in the market, Amazon.”

“We thrive on doing tailored world-class solutions for our partners. Many SaaS companies tend to shy away from this, but Verocity was actually designed for this type of flexible and highly configurable approach to provide the right solution, not just the closest solution.”

He emphasized that deverus is completely committed to being a PARTNER to their customers and never a COMPETITOR.

In response to my favorite question: If you could look into a crystal ball, lets’ say ten years down the road, what do you see happening in the background screening industry? Shane sees, “more automation and greater integrations across the board to improve efficiencies. The key will be to have the best delivery model, which we firmly believe is SaaS for the Background Screening Industry that is fully compliant and moves data accurately and rapidly throughout the process. I do see some really great opportunities for Specialized and Mid-Sized Background Screening Companies to excel with customer service focused models where some of the “Big 6″ Screening
Companies are honestly failing.”

On a more personal note, he just finished reading the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond, which he describes as a wonderful take on the evolution of human societies and the history of the world.

He also indicated that the person he would have really liked to meet, given the opportunity, would have been Ronald Reagan. “I would think 15 minutes with him would be priceless. Ending the Cold War, with ‘peace through strength’ while at the same time really uniting and revitalizing America.Yes, he would be my choice.”

We closed the interview with his favorite quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margret Mead


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