Court Revives Philadelphia’s Salary History Ban

February | Pennsylvania: Laws in Philadelphia regarding salary history bans will prevent employers from asking job applicants about how much they are paid or setting new salaries based on history.

City of Columbia, SC Clarifies Coverage of Criminal Records and Salary History Ordinance

February | South Carolina: An ordinance has been amended that omits any coverage of private employers in the definition of “employer” when it comes to criminal record and salary history.

What is Past is Prologue: The Ninth Circuit Again Rules That Prior Salary Cannot Justify Pay Differences

March | California: The Ninth Circuit issued a ruling that prior salary cannot be used as a “factor other than sex” to justify pay differences under the Equal Pay Act.

Salary History Questions Are Now Banned in New York

March | New York: New York public and private employers are prohibited from inquiring about an applicant’s prior salary.

Taking Into Account Salary History in Setting Pay

April | California: The Ninth Circuit held for the second time that, under the Equal Pay Act, prior salary history can’t be used by employers to justify sex-based pay differentials.

Prior Pay History? Still a “Jump Ball”: Law Continues to Vary by Location and Protected Status

July | National: Two legal issues, including the Equal Pay Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, should be considered when setting a new hire’s pay.

Maryland Salary History Ban and Wage Range Notice Requirements to Take Effect October 1

August | Maryland: A new Maryland law amends the state’s existing Equal Pay for Equal Work law to prohibit employers from requesting or relying on prior pay history to set initial pay.

Philly’s Salary History Ban to Be Enforced Starting in September

August | Pennsylvania: An ordinance in Philadelphia prohibits all employers and employment agencies from asking about an applicant’s current/prior salary history during the application or hiring process.

Salary History Bans Update

August | National: This running list of laws regarding pay history questions covers various states and localities.

Maryland Employers, Beware: Salary History Ban Now Extended to Job Applicants

September | Maryland: Maryland employers soon will be prohibited from requesting or relying on an employment applicant’s wage history to make decisions about initial pay rates.