New Bill Seeks to Prohibit All New York Employers from Inquiring into Applicant Salary History

JANUARY I NEW YORK: A new bill proposes a statewide salary history inquiry ban that will be applicable to private and public employees.

Michigan Bars State Employer Inquiries into Salary History

JANUARY I MICHIGAN: A directive has been signed that will prohibit state departments and agencies from asking about current or previous salaries until after extending a conditional offer of employment.

California Clarifies Salary History Law

JANUARY I CALIFORNIA: Assembly Bill 2282 offers some clarity surrounding a law that prohibits employers from asking job applicants about their salary history, but not from considering information that is voluntarily disclosed.

Colorado Equal Pay Law Introduced

JANUARY I COLORADO: The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act contains a salary history ban and pay transparency requirements.

The Use of Salary History Still Up in the Air in the Ninth Circuit

MARCH I NATIONAL: The Seventh and Eighth Circuits still hold that reliance solely on prior salary to justify pay differences does not by itself violate the Equal Pay Act (EPA).

South Carolina Legislators Propose Pay Equity Law

MARCH I SOUTH CAROLINA: Bills introduced in both houses of the General Assembly aim to allow applicants and employees to sue employers for unequal pay.

Burrows: Employee Pay History – Avoid the Temptation

MARCH I NATIONAL: A guest columnist for The Journal Record warns against inadvertently setting oneself up for a claim of wage discrimination in violation of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA).

Cincinnati Bans Salary History Inquiries

MARCH I OHIO: Employers in Ohio now are prohibited from asking applicants about their salary history or current earnings under the “Prohibited Salary History Inquiry and Use.”

Maine Enacts Pay Equality Law Banning Salary History Inquiries

APRIL I MAINE: Maine has become the eighth state to enact a salary history ban that prohibits employers from asking job applicants about their salary histories and broadens existing wage transparency requirements.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Bans “Salary History Box” Requirement on City of Atlanta Applications

APRIL I GEORGIA: A Salary History Ban enacted by Georgia Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms allows employees to be compensated based on qualifications, experience and merit.

Washington Adds Pay History Ban, Transparency Requirements

MAY I WASHINGTON: Washington’s HB 1696 restricts pay history inquiries and enhances pay transparency requirements.

Colorado Legislature Passes Significant Equal Pay Bill, Including Salary History Ban and Job Posting Requirements

MAY I COLORADO: The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act aims to strengthen the state’s pay equity requirements and prohibits employers from seeking salary history from job applicants.

Salary History Bans A Running List of States and Localities That Have Outlawed Pay History Questions

SEPTEMBER I NATIONAL: Laws that aim to end the cycle of pay discrimination and prohibit employers from relying on an applicant’s pay history to set compensation are being adopted across the country.

Columbia, South Carolina Limits Inquiries About Applicants’ Criminal Salary Histories

OCTOBER I SOUTH CAROLINA: A new ordinance in South Carolina limits private employers from considering criminal history in employment decisions and prohibits employers from asking about wage histories on job applications.

Illinois Ban on Employers’ Inquiry or Consideration of Salary History Takes Effect

OCTOBER I ILLINOIS: Employers in Illinois are prohibited from seeking or inquiring about a job applicant’s wage or salary history with any current or former employer.