Sachin, Global Service Delivery Director, AMS Inform

Pull up a chair, get a latte and join us this month for a talk with Sachin, Global Service Delivery Director, AMS Informar

sachinPrior to his full time involvement with the background screening industry, Sachin had an extensive background in consulting having worked for IBM’s Consulting Division as well as clients such as IPG, Express and Revlon. Along the way he also earned an MBA degree.

His father Santosh Kumar started the company back in 1986. His first client for background screening services was Equifax in 1995. Sachin added that he has been involved in the due diligence business for almost his entire life so joining his father’s business made sense and was an easy transition for him.

Sachin thinks working in the background screening industry is very exciting and finds that the direct impact that the industry has on organizations something that continues to amaze him.

He noted that working in the industry has not only enhanced his knowledge of business, but also his knowledge of the full realm of due diligence. He also is a strong advocate of privacy and data protection and said he continues learn about this ever expanding area of knowledge..

Changing the conversation to AMS Inform Sachin shared that the companies mission is “To provide accurate information” and their vision is” to be an industry leading global background screening provider from Asia region.”

He also shared that AMS Inform recently launched a court database product called as CourtCheck which can help organizations to swiftly go through more than 15 million court records with just name and address within seconds. This is one of the fastest database products on the market in India.

Sachin, also shared that the company believes it is very important to offer smart solutions and technology advances in due diligence for their clients.

With the above thought in mind, another solution that the company is working on is an ID verification product which will be a device based service. They expect to launch this service sometime in August of this year. In addition, AMS Inform is very actively involved in integrating its background screening platform AMS:verify with its clients and also various ATS platforms.

Sachin also smiled as he said, just in case our readers were not aware of it, AMS Inform provides background screening services for 100+ countries across the globe with zero outsourcing. He proudly note that all of their processing is done in house and they have their own teams in 14 countries.

He also emphasized that AMS Inform is a very client focused company and with a growing client base that now exceeds 180 clients, the company continues to do what it does the best! Customer Service. To drive this point home he said “Our Service Level Agreement is to respond to any emails/query within 3 hours 24 hours/7 days a week. He said, our goal is to be available all the time and we are very transparent in our pricing and services.

Moving the conversation to my favorite question Sachin pondered and the said “10 years down the line background screening will be predominantly technology oriented and those who keep up with the technology and make changes with time will survive. Artificial Intelligence coupled with large scale automation will be driving the industry.”

As we moved towards closing the interview he share a recently read book was Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service and the person he would really like to meet is Mahatma Gandhi.

Finally he shared, a favorite quote, “ To achieve something impossible try going to sleep.”

Thanks to Sachin for a very informative and interesting interview. You can reach him at

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