Phil Chapman, CEO, FRS Software

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Phil has been involved in the screening industry since 1993 and recited a bit of history about an incident that happened which led to the creation of FRS. In 1993, ABC’s Primetime Live did an investigative journalism project on the Food Lion grocery chain that is headquartered about 40 miles north of his headquarters. In this exposé, they had undercover reporters apply and obtain jobs at Food Lion under false pretenses and these guys went to work with hidden cameras. The basic reporting was regarding practices within their meat department there. This aired in November of 1992, of course was a huge embarrassment for Food Lion, however in the following months there was a lot of discussion about how these undercover reporters lied and cheated to get these jobs. A private detective here in Monroe with who Chapman was good friends saw an opportunity and approached Food Lion’s security department about doing background checks on all of their new hires. “He contracted me to write the software to manage this new service that he began offering to Food Lion and FRS was born!”

Prior to the above happening, Phil was a programmer and systems analyst working in banking software, imaging software, for Mecklenburg County, NC, and then for the largest operator of portrait studios in the U.S. at that time. He attended East Carolina University where he majored in music and realized after a year that this wasn’t the career path for him. He took a few classes in this new thing at the time called computer science and bingo, he knew he had found his niche. He changed his major to computer science and completed a minor in music. As the saying goes, “GOD works in mysterious ways” and in the 90’s, he helped start a Christian Rock band and has been playing drums in his church’s praise band on Sunday mornings full time since 2005.

Changing to a focus on the business, he shared that the mission of FRS is to serve their customers, business partners and employees as we would want to be served. He recognizes that his business is a blessing from God and therefore, his business is also a platform for ministry. He added, “The background screening industry serves a very high purpose to society in a world that is quickly spinning out of control. We seek to make a positive impact in the screening industry and we recognize that we have a duty to be the best that we can be and do the best possible job in our roles to help make our workplaces and communities be safe.”

Speaking further about the business, he noted that over the past 7+years, he has invested heavily into their web services and XML infrastructure. “With our immense network of integrated research sources, we are now focusing more on content delivery to many of the largest companies in our industry. These companies typically build their own proprietary technology, however they are always in need of a single point of access to the best possible research entities, which fortunately are available through FRS and our industry-leading gateway. By utilizing out gateway, these companies are able to avoid having to build costly “one-off” integrations each time they need a new source for research.”

Phil explained that as a solutions provider to the background screening industry, his company has been extremely blessed with amazing success for two decades by providing a vast information network which supplies every component of a background check. “Through this experience and with the association we have with our very valued clients, we have gained an immense knowledge and expertise in the requirements of HR in regards to Talent Acquisition. To that end, we have begun a dedicated focus on bringing pre-employment screening business directly to our clients by marketing their businesses along with our innovative solutions for this industry.”

Phil feels a great sense of loyalty to his client base, the CRAs and wholesalers, and he wants to support them in every way possible. The industry is changing and the downward pressure on his clients is getting worse. “We believe that we should do everything in our power to provide them with the tried and true technology solutions they have come to appreciate and at the same time, guide as much business as possible in their direction.”

Turning the conversation back to him personally, I asked Phil who is a person he would really like to have met. He reflected for a moment and said at this point in his life, the person he would most like to meet is King Solomon. “He is best known for his wisdom. He prayed to God for the blessing of wisdom over anything else such as riches and wealth” Phil noted that “wisdom is the greatest trait one could have when dealing with anything such as business, their relationship with their spouse, raising children, in all of their relationships with others and just generally moving through life. It would be a great opportunity to sit down with King Solomon and learn from his vast wisdom.”

We closed the interview with a very apropos quote that clearly indicates Phil’s philosophy and life view, a scripture verse that reflects how he tries to live by and by which he tries to run his business: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” Colossians 3:23



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