Nick Roberts, CEO, RisqGroup

Grab a latte and pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Nick Roberts, CEO, RisqGroup

emilyNick says he was attracted to the industry because of the gap in the market he saw in Asia given the challenge of delivering compliant and efficient solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

Prior to coming into the background screening industry Nick was an entrepreneur and built compliance information software businesses in the US and UK.

One of the things that Nick feels very good about is the culture they have built in the RisqGroup. He says “Its been especially gratifying to build a strong company culture that is able to bridge the distance between all our offices in the region.”

Nick shared that “When RISQ Group was created, the vision was simple: build the best employment screening and verification offering in the APAC region. The team identified a need in the market for a better kind of screening and verification offering and brought together an elite group of people and companies under a single brand with a single mission. This is still our mission.”

He added, “We are excited to now be part of Sterling Talent Solutions and see lots of opportunities to leverage their global presence and our strong local commitment. Their significant investment in technology and compliance will help us to continue to transform the future of screening in Asia.”

A key message he wanted to emphasize is that the company is continuing to drive smart use of technology to reduce turnaround times and improve outcomes. He paused reflectively and said, “I think the thing we are most proud of though is our team is unparalleled in its knowledge and deep understanding of the regulatory landscape in the markets in which we operate which is a clear differentiator and keeps our clients safe, since this landscape is constantly changing.”

I posed my favorite question about what he sees coming down the road for the industry and he said, “The rise of the gig economy and changing working arrangements, as well as growing personal autonomy over data will lead to the need to have screening outcomes and information follow the candidate in such a way that they will in fact own this information.” Wow! What a great insight!

Changing the conversation back to him personally Nick shared that had recently read ‘Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.’ He also said the person he would most like to meet is Warren Buffett.

Before closing the interview he shared his favorite quote, “”Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Thanks to Nick for an insightful and interesting dialogue.

Nick can be reached at +61 2 9392 8888

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