How the Pandemic Affected Background Screening in 2020

January | National: 2020 saw notable changes in the legal landscape, including additional Ban-the-Box laws and Pay Equity and Salary History Bans. 


Bruce’s Mid-Year 2021 PBSA Conference Report

May | National: The virtual PBSA Legislative Conference covered familiar topics, like legal compliance and drug testing, but also touched on Fair Chance Screening. 


TARC Investigation Claims Background Check Could Have Saved City Embarrassment, Millions of Dollars 

May | Kentucky: TARC’s former executive director has been accused of behaving like a “sexual predator.” 


Perspecta Wins $474 Million OTA for Background Check Management 

June | Washington: Perspecta has built an IT system prototype that will transition to production under another transaction agreement from the Pentagon’s background investigation agency. 


Convicted Murderer’s Hiring in Child Welfare Services Exposes Background Check Gaps 

July | Hawaii: A man who strangled his wife and served 12 years in prison was able to secure a job with the Department of Human Services in the Child Welfare Services division.


Unprecedented’ Violent Crime Spike Reported for 2020 

October | National: Violent crime and murder rates in major American cities continued to rise through most of last year. 


Bill That Keeps DOBs on Public Records Passes the Michigan House 

November | Michigan: A bill that would protect hiring, housing placements and public safety is making its way through the Michigan legislature.