Kristin Stafford, CEO, Vital4Data

Grab a latte, pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Kristin Stafford, CEO, Vital4Data.

kristinKristin shared that her journey to the background screening industry was preceded by her serving as the Director of Financial Operations for a multi-billion-dollar credit card company, a Senior Process Engineer for Delta Technology and she also held the position of Officer & Senior Business Consultant for Northern Trust. She was recruited to manage the operation of an international screening business that had barely graduated from a home-based company to a business with a commercial space. She said “The vision for the company was interesting and something I respected and felt would be crucial to the global marketplace. Under my leadership, we made the business successful through technology development, risk-averse product solutions, strategic partnerships and superior service.”

As time went on she felt the calling to build a new business incorporating the same ethics and values that originally captured her interest and respect; and she found herself in a position to make it happen so VITAL4DATA was born.

With excitement in her voice she shared that “the challenge of coupling innovation with compliance to deliver a global solution that exceeds the markets expectations” is what she plans to do. She smiled as she shared that her mission is “to ensure that the members of NAPBS have access to a risk-averse, innovative global screening solution that is easily obtained and supported with the same quality as if an extension of their business.” She noted that VITAL4DATA’s sister-company, VITAL FOR, provides cutting edge FCRA Compliant Technology as a proprietary solution that enhances VITAL4DATA’s (V4D) extensive list of over 3000 services in over 240 countries. As the original designer of the first FCRA compliant Global Watch List & Sanctions, Negative Media and Politically Exposed Persons platform, the team at V4D ensure the highest level of compliance and risk- aversion. She proudly proclaimed that this superior standard of attributes may only be acquired through use of their technology solutions when providing global search capabilities to consumer reporting agencies.

Her vision is crystal clear, “to build a company that enables the global background and due diligence screening industry to rely 100% on technology solutions that incorporate the highest standards of compliance, ease of use and reliability for a one-stop service available at anytime from anywhere globally.”

VITAL4Data is a “Women-Owned Small Business” with a senior team that has over 58 years’ experience in wholesale Global Background Screening & Due Diligence Compliance and the company caters to US based Consumer Reporting Agencies via wholesale products and services.

I could feel her excitement as she talked about starting the company and her plans for the future. On the personal side she shared that she had recently read “Thrive”; THE THIRD METRIC TO REDEFINING SUCCESS AND CREATING A LIFE OF WELL-BEING, WISDOM, AND WONDER, By ARIANNA HUFFINGTON and strongly recommends that all women should read this book. The person she would most like to meet is Ronald Reagan and in closing, she shared a favorite quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Wow! What a great quote and interview.

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