Kiran Ali, ESQ., CRI Group

We invite you to sit back, relax, and join us for a great interview with: Kiran Ali, ESQ., Head of Global Strategy, Corporate Research and Investigations LLC
(CRI Group)

Prior to joining the CRI Group, Kiran was a litigation attorney in New York City. She explained that Corporate Research and Investigations LLC actually began in 1990 as a local private investigation company and that the CRI Group was established in 2001 when the company began being approached by many organizations to examine occupational fraud and embezzlement within companies. At that time, most companies did not have active employee risk mitigation measures in place to stop fraud or to prevent internal business related crime. Post September 11, organizations began institutionalizing a system of risk assessment to determine risk metrics when bringing on new staff. In this climate, CRI Group went the extra mile to create a comprehensive employee background screening service department, which in the years since has become a leading and preferred partner for some of the biggest international companies in the world.

She noted that when you work in the background industry you are directly affecting the way a company handles its business model. The assistance you provide is ensuring that a company can proceed with its business plans without the worry of exposure to the type of risk a dishonest employee or unethical affiliation would create.

Kiran emphasized that the CRI Group always strives to be a resource to its clientele in the background industry. CRI Group’s services span from pre-employment background searches to corporate due diligence. She emphasized that their goal is to partner with their clientele to assist them in guarding themselves against the risks and perils of doing business in a globalized modern world. She reflected and noted that the risks faced by companies today are much more diverse than those faced in yesteryear. In addition, the ethical and financial risk that plague corporations and businesses are more profound in a world where everyone is connected.

She stated with excitement that due to their continuous focus on the needs of their clientele and the demands of an ever expanding world economy, the company is planning to incorporate fully operational offices in India and Mainland China. These offices will provide the company’s clients with access to local billing and reports in the local language of their target companies and individuals.

In addition, Kiran pointed out that the company has worked hard over the years to ensure they can give their clientele ‘peace of mind’ in knowing who exactly is carrying out their investigations. The CRI Group is unique among international background screening firms because they do not outsource any of their work. All over the world, we employ our own local agents to carry out work on behalf of our clients.

In responding to my favorite question about looking into a crystal ball to project what will be happening in the background screening industry in ten years, Kiran believes “The background industry is likely going to continue to boom.” While open source information is easily accessible in the western world, in the emerging markets it is hard to access the type of information required to feel secure in proceeding with your business initiatives. In a world where international work and immigration is becoming the norm, services like CRI Groups will be a cornerstone of the business plans of most responsible companies.

Kiran indicated that part of their business model is ensuring they are meeting face to face with their clients all over the world to ensure the company is meeting clients’ needs and also to focus on developing personal relationships and trust required when you are conducting background investigation work for a client. She referenced many long plane rides and noted that her Kindle is forever by her side. She is currently reading, “The Telling Room” by Michael Parterniti. It’s about a rare Spanish cheese that carries a legend of secrecy from a Castilian village called Guzman.

In a very timely response regarding the person she would really like to meet is Nelson Mandela who changed the face of South Africa by rocking the status quo. She noted that she finds people that are willing to be revolutionaries for the causes of their people to be inspiring.

Finally, in closing she shared with me her favorite quote: “Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes” – Miguel de Cervantes



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