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Prior to coming into the background screening industry, Jen earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. After graduation from UNC-Charlotte, her intentions were to begin a career in law enforcement. Her focus changed direction when she began working for an insurance company in their Fraud Division. She worked closely with private investigators and adjusters nationwide to review investigative reports and surveillance videos in order to uncover insurance claim fraud. As a result, she started working on obtaining her PI License. She found her work stimulating and interesting and realized she was enjoying Criminal Justice in a different light. She soon began working as a Criminal Researcher and Adjudicator for a large CRA.

Fast forward to the present and she has been in the industry for almost 10 years with the last seven of those with RapidCourt. Starting as a researcher in this field has helped her tremendously with her achievements in wholesale sales. Having adjudicated thousands of records in their raw form, I can contribute insight regarding what our clients and their research teams need the end result to include, as well as how it should appear. She has a clear understanding of what the CRA partners require to provide their clients with quality reports.

She noted that having a child that is surrounded daily by teachers, volunteers, bus drivers, store clerks, etc. amplifies her attentiveness to a quality background check. “In this field you come across some terrible reports that hit too close to home.” She reflected and with a smile indicated, “It feels good knowing the work I perform on a daily basis does help make a difference.”

Speaking of the work she does, she mentioned that, “RapidCourt’s mission is to connect CRAs to the information they need so they can effectively compete in the ever evolving background screening industry.” She added proudly, “RapidCourt is constantly evolving its technologies and service offerings. We recently released two new versions of our CCS Guardian Service. Our Guardian Service monitors your client’s employee populations and alerts you when one of their employees is associated with new criminal activity. Built to easily serve CRAs that wish to transition existing client accounts or new client start up, RapidCourt’s Guardian Service delivers unrivaled monitoring solutions.”

Jen added, “Controlled criminal data is a key ingredient to a reliable background check. It allows the Data Aggregator, RapidCourt, to initiate updates in a timely manner, and maintain data integrity – by going direct and closely monitoring Source changes. Whether it is changes to the data format or the Source’s Terms of Use verbiage, RapidCourt has programs in place to quickly make the necessary adjustments, while remaining legally compliant.”

She went on to say that, “Not only does RapidCourt have the most sophisticated data acquisition tools and expertise in our industry, we are the largest procurer of real-time North Carolina data in the world – and we are very proud of that!” She explained that the company conducts over 600 thousand NCAOC screens each month for their clients so that they can provide the data their clients need exactly when they need it. A key point she emphasized is that, “the entire RapidCourt team is partnership oriented.” Jen added that. “We believe in building our relationships by working alongside our partners to serve them with the tools they need and give them the service they deserve.”

I then posed my favorite question, “If you could look into a crystal ball, let’s say 10 years down the road, what do you see happening in the background screening industry?” She thought about it for a moment, and shared that she thinks the redacting of identifiers is scary. She noted that she is wondering if other ways of correlating applicants to criminal records are on the horizon and that she wouldn’t be surprised if we begin seeing technology at a whole new level over the next few years to minimize false positives. “Perhaps that a hint of what RapidCourt may be bringing to the market in the future!”

As we turn the dialogue to focus on her she indicated the most recent book she has read was “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” by Laura Numeroff. She grinned saying “It is my 3 year old daughter’s favorite book.”

She said the person she would most like to meet is NHRA top Fuel Champion -Shirley Muldowney. In 1965, she was the first woman licensed by NHRA to go speeds over 150MPH. Against all odds, she continued to fight and soon proved she could keep up with men by winning three Top Fuel Championships. She noted that, “Growing up at race tracks with my dad and now with my husband, I have a huge appreciation for what Shirley Muldowney has accomplished both on and off the track. I am sure she has some pretty unbelievable stories to tell, and I would love to hear just a few…maybe get a few pointers, too.”

In closing, she said her favorite quote is: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill



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