Ninth Circuit Closes the Final Chapter in the Moran v. Screening Pros Saga 

February | California: The 9th Circuit has ruled that Screening Pros did not negligently or willfully violate the FCRA by providing a report that contained non-conviction records more than seven years old. 


Pennsylvania Federal District Court Rules Public Records Vendor is Consumer Reporting Agency Subject to Fair Credit Reporting Act 

March | Pennsylvania: A Pennsylvania district court has ruled that a company that provides reports based on a search of public records is a CRA as defined by the FCRA.


Federal Court Finds Plaintiff Has Article III Standing in FCRA Suit Against Employer, in Reminder of Litigation Risk Arising from Background Screening 

March | North Carolina: The Middle District of North Carolina found a plaintiff to have Article III standing, denying an employer defendant’s Motion to Dismiss. 


Iowa Nurse Sues Over Job Loss Caused by ‘Patently Inaccurate’ Background Check 

May |Iowa: An Iowa nurse is suing First Advantage Background Services for violations of the FCRA through the collection of information from unreliable third-party vendors. 


Illinois App. Court (3rd Dist) Rejects FCRA ‘Punitive Damages’ Claim Due to Insufficient Supporting Allegations 

June | Illinois: The Court has dismissed a debtor’s counterclaim against a bank, which alleged violation of the Truth in Lending Act and the FCRA.