What’s in a Name? Resolving Form I-9 Document Discrepancies 

January | National: Critical complications can be presented through the simple task of writing a last name on an I-9 form. 


Employer Verification and H-1B Camp Lottery Season: 2022 New Year Action Items and Tools 

February | National: It is important for employers to becoming familiar with helpful action items and resources pertaining to E-Verify and hiring H-1B foreign workers. 


Staffing Company Ordered to Pay $1.5M for Wide Array of I-9 Paperwork Violations 

April | Washington & Oregon: An audit found a staffing company to be in violation of several Form I-9 regulations, leading to a $1.5M fine. 


Time to Review Your I-9 Compliance: One Employer Just Received a $1.5 Million Fine 

April | Washington & Oregon: A staffing company was ordered to pay a $1.5M fine for breaking the rules for Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. 


Remote I-9 Inspection Policy Extended Once Again Until October 31, 2022 

May | National: ICE has announced a six-month extension of the remote I-9 inspection allowance. 


E-Verify Federal Contractor Numbering Change 

May | National: E-Verify has announced an update to a service that affects the numbering system federal contractors have used in the past. 


What Employers Need to Know About I-9 Audits & Work-Site Investigation 

May | National: With the increase in investigations regarding I-9 compliance, employers must be proactive to ensure compliancy.  


DHS Proposal on Virtual I-9 Review is Near 

June | National: The DHS plans to issue a proposed rule that will allow virtual document examination options for reviewing the I-9. 


Tennessee’s Revised Mandatory E-Verify Law Applies to More Employers

June | Tennessee: Private employers with at least 35 employees will be required to use E-Verify and maintain case results. 


Social Security Administration Resumes E-Verify TNC Processing on July 15th 

July | National: The USCIS has announced that the SSA will resume processing E-Verify mismatches. 


Round 2: USCIS Makes Additional Changes to Proposed Form I-9 Revision Due Later This Fall 

July | National: The USCIS has announced a second public comment period for HR and other stakeholders regarding revisions to the Form I-9. 


DHS Proposes New Framework for Remote I-9 Inspection and Seeks Additional Public Comment 

August | National: The DHS has published a rule on the remote I-9 inspection flexibilities for employers. 


Form I-9 Expired List B Documents Must Be Updated by July 31, 2022 

August | National: Employees who presented an expired List B Identity document between May 1, 2020, and April 30, 2022, must provide an unexpired document. 


ICE Seeks Permanent Remote I-9 Document Review 

August | National: Employers are now permanently allowed to review Form I-9 identification documents remotely. 


E-Verify Releases New Case Processing Features 

August | National: E-Verify has released several new features that address existing duplicate cases and reduce overall case processing time.