Heidi Pattie, Vice President, Convergence Research

Grab a latte and pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Heidi Pattie, Vice President, Convergence Research.

billSharing her background Heidi said, “Like many professionals, I’ve hung my hat on many rungs over the years. I worked as a golf course greenskeeper, a junior pro golfer, a high school English teacher, worked as a cable installer, and most substantially, was in land development for a number of years, but it all began when I was a record store clerk. So in a way, you can say that my career has been bookended by “slinging records.”

After leaving the land development industry due to industry fatigue, Heidi said “I wanted to try something new that truly interested me, where I felt like I could make a bit of difference. Well, one amazing interview later with Bill Bollinger and the rest is history.”

The biggest factor that led her to Convergence Research after nearly a decade in the industry was the expertise that she had developed and the leadership ability to help take them to the next level and frankly, beyond…

One of the things Heidi particularly likes about working in the background screening industry is the relationships, both personal and professional, which she has made over the last decade. This is by far the thing which stands out most for her. She added, “Whether through competition, partnership, or mentoring, the people I’ve met as a result of working in this industry will continue to have an impact on the rest of the my life.”

Turning the dialogue to Convergence Research Heidi shared that the mission and vision of the company has always been to be the leading pre-employment and pre-tenant solution provider in the industry. We strive to stay on top of the industry’s changing trends and data sources thereby delivering fast, accurate results packaged with outstanding customer service at a competitive price.

Heidi enthusiastically shared that “Convergence Research is so much more than just a County Crim/Civil wholesaler. We currently offer an Instant National Database search, a Triple Credit Header Address search, Federal searches, OIG searches as well as Bankruptcies, Liens andJudgements searches.” She added, “I want people to know that Convergence Research has been a trusted County Criminal wholesaler for over a decade and now we are offering so much more! Behind the scenes, I cannot give enough credit to our team, who are helping to make all of this happen and who continue to provide the highest level of service in our industry! We try to foster an environment of creativity and cooperation and I believe that’s evident in our products and service. To ensure seamless flow of data, we stay current on all platforms and our in-house programmers provide custom integrations, when needed.

With an excitement in her voice she announced that coming in 2016 the company will begin offering Landlord/Tenant searches as well as Business Verification searches. She said “We are very excited about these new additions, as well as some other items we are working on in the web data extraction arena that we aren’t quite ready to talk in detail about just yet. I tried to get a sneak peak, but she was not going to spill the beans.

With a someone serious tone she said, “One of the things we’ve decided as a company is we’re keeping all our jobs stateside… period. We believe in the American worker and that nickel you save having work outsourced isn’t worth it to us. I believe if you treat your team fairly and with respect it shows in their work. We view our employees as people with families and dreams. They don’t exist just to serve the company. To us, they are our greatest asset!.”

Turning the conversation to my favorite question about the what the future foretells for the background screening industry Heidi said, “What we do benefits a lot of people, it allows business owners to make informed decisions. It may protect their bottom line, but for others it may be the information that gets them an apartment or loan. The technology is there to unify these counties and make acquiring this data much easier and more accurate, but I think there is a disconnect by some of the government factions as to why this is important. I hope how we benefit business becomes more obvious and those obstacles start to fall.”

Switching the conversation back to her Heidi shared that that she spends so much time working on all of the exciting things at Convergence that she doesn’t have a lot of time to read for leisure. The last book she picked up is Birnbaum’s Guide to Walt Disney World for Kids, doing some research so she can take her granddaughter to Disney this summer with the family. She said she also has a copy of Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin on her nightstand and she smiled as she said “I will get to it soon.”

The person she would most like to meet is Barbra Streisand. Heidi smiles as she said, “It’s always been Barbra. It was Olivia Newton John and Debbie Gibson, but I’ve had the pleasure to meet them. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to meet many of the people I’ve desired to, most of them musicians.” She added, she would love to have tea with Barbra Streisand.

She has two favorite quotes, The first one is an original, “Be open and honest while pursuing excellence in all manners of business” and the second one is from John Lennon, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” On that note I am very pleased to say this is the end, and I want to thank Heidi for a very upbeat, enthusiastic and informative interview.

Heidi can be reached at hsp@convergenceresearch.com or 1-866-606-4023 ext. 308


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