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 U.S.     International     Alphabetical     Nanny helps organizations meet the critical need they have to know whom they are hiring and who is on their payroll. is the leading and most comprehensive web-based directory of background screening firms designed to make it easy for businesses to quickly find a company to meet their screening needs. is the gold standard for finding a background screening firm.

“We connect background screening firms to organizations that need their services.”

The Directory consist of several sections to guide businesses quickly to the company that will serve them best:

  1. Alphabetical listing
  2. Domestic Section (firms are listed by their location, State by State)
  3. International Section (firms are listed by country)
  4. Vendor Showcase (firms that provide services to the background screening industry listed by categories)

Organizations no longer need to search in multiple places or get overwhelmed with large search engines that show millions of items. We make it easy for you to find a background screening provider.

We save you time from having to do research and the leg work necessary to identify potential background screening companies. We make is easy for you to quickly identify potential screening firms.

Also, upon request, we provide you with our proprietary background screening company evaluation tool which will help you assess the companies you are considering. It will allow you to make a direct comparison of the services and offerings that meet your specific requirements to determine the best fit for you.

In addition, to help you find the ‘right background screening’ company to work with you we also have an information rich Background Screening Industry Knowledge Center that includes an extensive Article Library with content on almost all areas of background screening as well as a Continuous Screening Resource Center and Accredited Background Screening Resource Center.


“We are the matchmakers for the background screening industry. We connect you to Business”



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