Diamond Rate Sheet

Are You Interested In Creating More Selling Opportunities For Your Firm?

The Diamond Sponsorship is the Answer!

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We have created an ingenious way to connect our Platinum Members to more businesses and a way to gain competitive advantage. This concept has the potential to create a huge amount sales activity for you.


You probably have heard the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm,’ well we have discovered a simple, but eloquent way for your firm to get more business before your competitors. This opportunity to close business before competitors get into the picture.  Reaching employers first will give you the competitive edge.

You will have the opportunity to close more employers
before your competitors ever see them!

Our solution is the Diamond Sponsorship which – will place your logo and live link directly in employers’ line of sight on the landing page of www.PreemploymentDirectory.com even before they actually enter the Directory. Your live logo will take them directly to your web site.

 This prime location will make it easy for businesses to find you quickly!

This is your chance to stand out and be seen. There are a very limited number of advertisement opportunities on the landing page (go to www.PreemploymentDirectory.com.) This will maximize the opportunity for your firm to be selected and the limited number of firms on the front page will virtually guarantee your firm will be viewed.

 A Diamond Sponsorship will allow you to beat your competitors
to the punch and close more business.

In addition, a Diamond Sponsorship will reinforce your marketing message and help your search engine placement. The Diamond Sponsorship will help search engine spiders, crawlers, robots and bots notice your site and help increase your position on search sites which also increases your exposure.
The Diamond Sponsorship have been specially priced to maximize the return on your valuable marketing dollars.

Diamond Sponsorship Rates

26 Weeks

52 Weeks



There are only Twelve slots available to our Platinum Members.

Contact Barry today at wbnixon@PreemploymentDirectory.com to reserve your Diamond sponsorship!